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HP Spectre Folio

A splendidly slick 2-in-1 

CPU: Intel Core i5-8200Y - Intel Core i7-8500Y | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 615 | RAM: 8GB – 16GB | Screen: 13.3-inch (1,920 x 1,080) | Storage: 256GB SSD 

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At the point when HP divulged the HP Specter Folio, it made some enormous cases about how the 2-in-1 PC would rehash the PC. While it doesn't exactly coordinate the promotion, what we do have is a standout amongst the most flawlessly structured PCs we've at any point attempted. Charged as "present day vintage meets innovation", the HP Specter Folio is incorporated straightforwardly with a bit of veritable cowhide. That is not an extravagant spread, it's a piece of the PC. It's not simply looks that has put it on this rundown of the best PCs of 2019, the HP Specter Folio is a splendid entertainer too, with present day segments driving the gadget. It is over the top expensive, however, so in case you're on a spending limit, look at the more moderate 2-in-1 Acer Switch 3 underneath. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need the best PC for creating an impression when you haul it out of the sack, at that point the HP Specter Folio is the one to get. 

 The Best New Laptop

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I can't take my hands off the HP Specter Folio. Lightweight and completely sheathed in calfskin, it feels extraordinary such that a metal-or plastic-clad PC never could. Because of its vitality tasting Intel Core Y processor, it creates insufficient warmth, and its battery keeps going an extremely prolonged stretch of time. 

Obviously, there are valid justifications why we make PCs out of hard materials that hold up well to utilize and manhandle. That is the reason I gone through a while utilizing the Specter Folio on trains, transports, and planes, all through my sack, and on and off my lap. The miles and hours were sufficient to demonstrate any workstation. 

The decision? I'd readily take the HP Specter Folio anyplace. It's a dainty and-light PC made surprisingly better with its one of a kind looks and structure, and remarkable solace. 

HP Specter Folio Evaluating  

HP stuffed an astounding sum into the thin Specter Folio. The workstation has a beginning cost of $1,300, and our survey unit costs $1,600 from As we go through the specs, we'll note alternatives unique in relation to those in our audit unit. 


Shell: Full-grain cowhide, in Cognac Brown (our audit unit) or Bordeaux Burgundy. 

 The Best New LaptopShow: 13.3-inch Full HD (1920x1080) IPS WLED illuminated touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 (our audit unit). The greatest brilliance is an extremely decent 400 nits. A 4K UHD board is a $120 redesign. 

Designs: Intel UHD Graphics 615 (coordinated). 

Memory: Starting at 8GB of LPDDR3-1866 SDRAM (16GB on our audit unit). 

Capacity: 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. 

Systems administration: Intel 802.11b/g/n/air conditioning 2x2 Wi-FI and Bluetooth 4.2 combo with MU-MIMO support. Our LTE audit unit has two e-SIM openings under the presentation pivot. 

Front-confronting HP WideVision FHD IR webcam . 

Pen: HP's battery-controlled Pen comes standard. The Tilt Pen, which revives by means of USB-C, is a $80 choice. 

Ports: Two USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps)/Thunderbolt 3, one customary USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) Type-C, and one 3.5mm sound jack. Apologies, no HDMI, ethernet, or SD card support (for those, look at our USB-C center purchasing guide). 
 The Best New Laptop
Battery: 6-cell, 54.28Whr lithium particle polymer. HP gauges 12.75 to 21 hours of life. Your mileage will fluctuate, particularly in the event that you wrench up the screen splendor or purchase the LTE model. 

Measurements: 12.6 x 9.23 x 0.6 inches. 

Weight: 3.24 to 3.28 pounds, contingent upon the model. 

In addition, the Specter Folio is enclosed by calfskin, making it outwardly and tactilely unique in relation to any PC I've at any point utilized previously. It is really a standout amongst the most intriguing PCs discharged in years. 

Fascinating and exceptional don't mean great, in any case, and the Specter Folio is definitely not an ideal gadget. Be that as it may, the issues it has can't be accused on the shrewd pivot or the cowhide wrap up. 

 The Best New Laptop

The most clear thing that isolates the Specter Folio from, well, every other PC you can purchase is that it is enveloped by genuine cowhide. It is anything but a case — the cowhide can't be expelled on the grounds that it's coordinated into the PC's metal casing. Also, it's not plasticky, counterfeit cowhide, either — it is authentic calfskin that HP says is reaped from the pieces delivered amid the assembling of other calfskin merchandise. It looks, scents, and feels like the genuine article since it is genuine. 

The calfskin, which comes in dark colored or burgundy, gives the Folio an unmistakable look, yet in addition gives it an alternate vibe contrasted with different workstations. The completion folds over the top deck, so your palms are continually laying on delicate cowhide rather than virus metal. The fringes of the cowhide wrapping reach out past the metal edge, so there are no genuine uncovered edges or sharp corners. In those regards, it carries on a great deal like a case you may put on a standard PC, however since it's incorporated into the Folio and not removable, it's far less cumbersome than a case may be.Leather is utilized in an assortment of uses since it's strong and really looks better the more you use it. The calfskin complete on the Folio ought to demonstrate to be more strong than the Alcantara texture Microsoft utilizes on the Surface Laptop, however I haven't utilized the Folio sufficiently long to completely put that under a magnifying glass. In the month or so I've been trying the gadget, including utilizing it on travels and at requesting press occasions like CES, it has kept up its appearance and still fundamentally looks fresh out of the plastic new. 


Calfskin is anything but a light material, be that as it may, and the Folio is a heavier PC than numerous different workstations in its group. At 3.26 lbs, it's the greater part a pound heavier than the Surface Laptop 2 and a quarter pound more than even a 13-inch MacBook Pro. That doesn't sound like a great deal on paper, yet it is something I promptly seen when grabbing the PC. The Folio's exceptionally slight plan doesn't help here, either — it gauges more than you'd expect when taking a gander at it. 

Indeed, even with that bargain, I still truly like the completion of the Folio and expectation it's something that HP utilizes more later on. 

Execution: Head-to-head, there are ultrabooks that are quicker than the Specter Folio on benchmarks. 

In any case, that doesn't generally have any kind of effect in the workstation's everyday exhibition. web perusing, media gushing and even some video altering is all quick. Windows 10 runs easily, which is right around a given for workstations in this range. 

Battery life: Another zone where the Specter Folio truly exceeds expectations is in battery life. On a normal day's utilization, with bunches of web perusing, messages and a few media spilling, the PC serenely surpasses 10 hours. 

HP's cases for the battery are to some degree over the top, and however it doesn't coordinate those cases, this is among the more reliable ultrabooks as far as battery life. 

Console and Touchpad: Like prior ultrabooks from HP, the console on this one is on point. Key dispersing is progressed admirably, so you have no expectation to learn and adapt to the console. 

The Touchpad is additionally responsive and deals with all Windows signals well. A bigger touchpad surface would have been exceptional however. 

Decision: The HP Specter Folio is absolutely a standout amongst the most special workstations out there. Yet, it's extremely hard to suggest a PC that is valued at ₹1,99,990 and doesn't bring the most elevated potential determinations out there. The Specter Folio is positively a reliable machine, however trustworthy at this value point isn't sufficient.

Last decision 

At the point when The Best New Laptop HP Folio Specter was first uncovered, we need to concede we were a little disappointed. This was because of HP over advertising the uncover in the keep running up, promising a PC that would reexamine the market. Notwithstanding, amid our time with the HP Folio Specter, we've come to truly like it, and keeping in mind that it's not the progressive 2-in-1 we were guaranteed, it's an in all respects pleasantly assembled gadget. 

The plan is essentially staggering, and amid our tests various individuals moved toward us to get some information about the workstation, as it truly looks dazzling and emerge from the group. A great many people's energy was immediately tempered, in any case, when we uncovered the cost. At $1,499 (£1,499, around £2,600), this is an over the top expensive workstation that will be out of the value scope of numerous individuals.