Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

 Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Motorola One Vision Review

Motorola has launched a new smartphone, Motorola One Vision, in the mid-range segment, which is equipped with many features but it will also offer stock Android experience in affordable price. Competition among handset maker companies is increasing and now Samsung is working on its strategy again. Motorola One Vision looks more premium than the company's Moto G-series. Motorola One Vision has been launched with Modern Design and Upgraded Camera hardware.  New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

The phone's hole-punch camera feature is still available only on high-end phones. Camera hardware is also effective on paper, as well as many features of camera features that you can use. Does Motorola One Vision provide a good experience for Rs 19,999, let's know?

 Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Motorola One Vision Design
Motorola One Vision has been launched with a new design in the Motorola smartphone. Motorola Van Vision comes with curved glass profile with curved edges and gradient design. Two color variants of Motorola One Vision have been brought down - Bronze Gradient and Sapphire Gradient. The middle part of the back panel of both models is dark.  New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

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On closer check, you will see a thin line on the back panel which is below the glossy layer. The design of Motorola One Vision is also quite attractive. On the back side of the phone you will see the Android One logo and M in the fingerprint sensor. The camera of the phone is embossed and the spots on the back panel are easily dropped.
In addition to the design, Motorola One Vision easily fits into hands. Motorola says this phone is rated IP 52 and it handles the sudden falling lipids. On the right side of the phone on the right side of the phone, the volume button has got place right above it, but it has been placed slightly above which there is a slight problem in hand reaching the button.

Motorola One Vision is not the first such phone in India that has been loaded with a hole-punch display. You will find a hole-punch display in many phones including Honor 20, Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy M40 (review) and Nokia X71. Motorola One comes with Vision 21: 9 aspect ratios and we have seen many Sony brand phones that come with 21: 9 aspect ratios like Xperia 1 and Xperia 10, they have not yet been launched in India.

Motorola claims that 21: 9 aspect ratios are favorable for watching videos on Netflix and YouTube. A large number of filmmakers prefer the 21: 9 format. The company has named it the CinemaVision display. Long aspect ratio has some advantages and some drawbacks.

Phone's small profiles easily fit into the hands of the phone. On the other hand, having a long display on the other hand, there is a problem reaching the content in the upper part of the screen. We found that at least one-third of the upper part of the screen has a problem reaching the thumb.

In order to provide full-screen design to many smartphones, the camera has been creatively placed, compared to the top of the Motorola One Vision, the bassel and the lower part of the border is slightly thicker. On the other hand, the circular border around the front camera is thick, due to which it looks a lot bigger.

Hybrid Dual-SIM (Nano) tray on the left side of the phone, in which the MicroSD card with up to 512 GB support can be installed. USB Type-C port and speaker on the lower part of the phone, the 3.5 mm headphone jack was found in the upper part of the phone.

 Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Motorola One Vision specification
The Motorola One Vision phone has a 6.3-inch full-HD + (1080x2520 pixels) display, with 21: 9 cinematic aspect ratios. This is protected from Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This handset of the Motorola brand has used the Mali G72 MP3 GPU for graphics with the Octa-Core Samsung Exynos 9609 processor.

In the Motorola One Vision, some weak processors have been used in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy A50. Remind that the Samsung Galaxy A50 has a Samsung Accenos 9610 chipset. The architecture of both the processors are the same and when it comes to their capabilities, they are very similar.
Motorola Van Vision has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB inbuilt storage. There is only one variant of Motorola One Vision. Motorola's handset battery has 3,500 mAh and this supports 15 watts Turbopower fast charging. Now talk camera setup. Motorola One Vision has a 48 megapixel camera with F / 1.7 aperture on the rear side.

The handset's primary sensor is Samsung Isocell GM1 which uses quad pixel technology-pixel binding. This means it works to make four pixels one. With a 48 megapixel camera sensor, a 5 megapixel depth camera will work in Jugalbandi. The phone also has an optical image stabilization feature.

The front panel of the phone has a 25 megapixel selfie camera with F / 2.0 aperture. It also gives Bright Selfie in low resolution using pixel binding technology. Motorola One Vision has many camera features such as Portrait Mode, Night Vision, Live Filters and Slow-Mo Video.

Apart from this, there is also the 'Spot Color' feature, with the help of which the user can highlight a particular color by selecting a particular color and keeping the rest of the picture in grayscale,Can give effects. Motorola Van Vision stock runs on Android and is part of the Android One program.

This means that it is guaranteed to get security updates for the next three years and after the Android Pie two major OS upgrades. Our review unit is running on Android Pie with June Security Patch. Blatterware-Free UI Stock Android is the biggest benefit of no spam notifications and ads.

Only basic apps and pre-installed Google applications will be found in Motorola phones. From Motorola, the phone has a Moto app, with the help of which Moto Action and Moto display can be accessed. There is also a MotoHelp app for support and troubleshooting. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Moto Action Motorola is gesture, like double-reverse twist to open camera app, double-chop gesture to turn on flashlight and three-finger tap to take screenshot. Motorola Van Vision has added a new 'One Button Now' feature in the Moto Action, which seems to be a mixture of navigation gestures of iOS and Android Q.

On the home button, with single tape you will reach the home screen, the multitasking interface opens up while swiping upward. Swipe on left side while bake gesture while swiping on the right opens on the previous app. Gesture-based navigation smoothen. Apart from this you will find some features of Android Pieces like Digital Velbung, Adaptive Brightness and Adaptive Battery.

 Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Motorola One Vision's Display and Performance
Before talking about the performance, most talk about the 21: 9 display given in it. It looks good in watching landscape 21: 9 in landscape mode, apart from this you get more screen space when you use two apps in split view together. Although the punch-hole blocks a small part of the on-screen content, the experience of watching the movie or TV series is better. Apart from watching the video, we also liked the fact that we can see more content while browsing the web.

The display of Motorola One Vision is a bit too big for cinematic viewing, but we liked it. Tell us about 70 percent Netflix Original shoots in the 21: 9 format. There was also some scaling problem with the running game. For example, during the gaming, the hole in the 21: 9 display covers some on-screen buttons that may cause problems.
 New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Many games do not support Aspect ratio of 21: 9, so you have to work with a thick black bar that hides the hole-punch or if the game allows, adjust the place on the on-screen button Could go. If not then the hole is in place where some controls are given. In our case we had to adjust the position of the brake button while playing Asphalt 9: Legends. Apart from this we notice light light near Selfie Camera and its Circular Border.

Speaking of display quality, we found that the full-HD + IPS panel of Motorola One Vision is of good quality. Viewing angles are good and there is no problem looking at the sunlight in the display. One thing that can make you a little disappointed is that there is no way to adjust the white balance of the screen.

Users can choose between three color profiles - Natural, Boosted and Saturated. We found that the securitized profile is best because it enhances colors and makes the on-screen content vibrant. Resolution is enough to render Sharp content. Samsung Galaxy A50 (review) Motorola is available in less priced than the price of the phone and it has been given a super amoled display, which is a better quality by mixing well. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Now talk about the performance. Motorola One Vision has a 2.2GHz octa-core Samsung Accynon 9609 processor. The processor's choice is Anthrodox, not only because most phones in this price segment come with Snapdragon 6xx or MediaTek P-series processors, but also because Motorola Van Vision is the first phone to come up with this processor. The noteworthy thing is that Samsung has not yet launched any phone equipped with the Acynos 9609 chipset.

When it comes to its day-to-day performance, the Acinos 9609 becomes a competent chipset. In the day-to-day use, we did not feel that the phone was slow while we were also doing multitasking, web browsing etc. Not only that, even on PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9: Legends playing on high graphics settings, we had a great experience.

Moto One Vision's Camera and Battery Life
Talking about the camera performance, the Motorola One Vision has a 48-megapixel rear camera that pulls beautiful pictures, as well as images depth and detail captured well. Photos not only look good on the phone's screen, but it is also visible on a larger display. Like other phones, the 48-megapixel primary camera, Bai, delivers four photographs of 12 megapixels, which is presented in front of you by creating a picture with the help of pixel-binding technology.

The frustrating thing is that you can not take photos at full 48 megapixel resolution. Explain that the Redmi Note 7 Pro, which uses the same technique, can manually capture 48 megapixel shots by selecting 48 megapixel mode. Also in 12-pixel-pixel-pixel picturesThe details and colors also look good. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

 Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

 Photos taken in the light of daylight were slightly overrated. If you are a fan of Good Dynamic Range with Realistic Colors, then Motorola One Vision can frustrate you. The phone takes photos on high exposure by default in daylight. HDR helps a bit, because it boasts color enhancements and sharpness.

Be sure that the Boy Default Auto-HDR mode remains enabled, but you have to manually select whether you want to keep it active or disabled. When macro shots come, the camera of Motorola One Vision gives impressive results, as well as edge detection. The camera sometimes straps while locking the focus while capturing macro shots, but it can be handled by adjusting the distance of the camera and camera angle.

With long-range shots, Motorola Van Vision's camera highlight the object in focus, but lacks sharpness in the background and perfection element. However, the phone captures Vivid Shades of the sky well at the evening, Sharpness was also correct in photographs. But there was noise experience in the background element. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

The powerful aspect of Motorola One Vision is its camera capacity, in the phone you will get a night mode called Night Vision. Low-light results of the phone are also quite good. Night Vision mode keeps Sharpness retaining colors in anchors and frames and keeps colors and other elements as well. If compared to Nightmade of Motorola One Vision, compared to Redmi Note 7 Pro, it performs better than Radmi Note 7 Pro.

The 25 megapixel selfie camera works well, because the data captured well in the selfies and the photos also got crisp. Portrait Selfie also found good bokeh effect and detail. We preferred 6 megapixels pixel-binding shots instead of 25 megapixels because this brighter seems more vibrator.
As far as the video is concerned, the rear camera can record full-HD video at 30fps or 60 fps and 4k and 30fps. Motorola Van Vision can record slow-mo video at 240 frames per second or 120 frames per second. Slo-mo video smoothes captured in Natural Light came in, but the video recorded in indoor was found to have light filing effects.

Apart from this, the color pick feature will also be available in the phone, it shows only a color of your choice in the frame. The rest of the photos are black and white, which makes the photos look beautiful. Apart from this, the phone has also been given live foot filters and portrait lighting effects.

Motorola One Vision has a battery of 3,500 mAh battery, it is less than its rival handset. We got music plaque on the wire headphones for a few hours, web browsing and use of social media throughout the day, use of productivity apps such as slake, some calls, and an hour after gaming, the phone was hard to get along with the whole day. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

On average, we saw that there was about 10 to 15 percent battery remaining in the phone when the house reached at the end of the day. We did not have a problem with the phone being hot during the game or multi-tasking. In our HD video battery loop test, the phone delivered 11 hours and 45 minutes. Talking about the charging speed, the 15-watt turbo power adapter that comes with the phone charges the phone from 0 to 100 percent in less than two hours.

 Motorola One Vision Review | New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Our decision
Motorola Van Vision has a 21: 9 display with attractive design and hole-punch, which is not currently in any other smartphone in the Indian market. Stock Android is a big advantage for users who want a clean software experience without any bloatware. Speaking of performance, Motorola One Vision proves to be a capable phone, which easily handles any work. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

Camera output is also impressive, especially in Night Vision mode which gives the best low-light photos at this price. The battery life of Motorola One Vision is not particularly good.

If you want a better display, more camera and in-display fingerprint sensor, you can see the Samsung Galaxy A50 (review). But if you want the Hole-Punch design, the recently launched Galaxy M40 (review) is also a strong option, which is equipped with triple rear camera and Powerful Snapdragon 675 processor. New Best Smartphone Under 20,000

At a lower cost, you will get past-generation mid-range flagship phones like Poco F1. After this, if the budget is a bit lower then Realme 3 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro are also a good option and they made their place in the list of the best smartphones in the price segment of less than Rs 20,000. 

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