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Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA White 

An augmented experience headset is a head-mounted gadget that gives computer generated reality to the wearer. Augmented reality (VR) headsets are generally utilized with computer games however they are additionally utilized in different applications, including test systems and coaches. They contain a stereoscopic head-mounted presentation (giving separate pictures to each eye), stereo sound, and head movement following sensors[1] (which may incorporate spinners, accelerometers, organized light systems,[2] and so on.). Some VR headsets additionally have eye following sensors[3] and gaming controllers.

Model Year2016
Item Weight318 g
Product Dimensions23.1 x 10.4 x 19 cm
Batteries:2 AA batteries required.
Item model numberSM-R322NZWAXAR
Number Of Items1
Web Browser IncludedNo
Colour ScreenNo
Batteries IncludedNo
Batteries RequiredNo
Contains Liquid ContentsNo
Includes Rechargable BatteryNo
Includes RemoteNo

Goals and show quality 

There are various optics and visual characteristics that will influence how the individual perspectives the picture quality and how they experience the virtual world. The picture will show up plainly because of the showcase goals, optic quality, invigorate rate, and the field of view.

Since computer generated reality headsets extend a solitary showcase over a wide field of view (up to 110° for certain gadgets as indicated by producers), the amplification factor makes defects in presentation innovation considerably more clear. One issue is the supposed screen-entryway impact, where the holes among lines and segments of pixels become unmistakable, sort of like glancing through a screen door. This was particularly recognizable in before models and advancement kits,which had lower goals than the retail forms.

Focal points 

A real picture shown by a VR headset, appearing for focal point bending and chromatic abnormality

The focal points of the headset are in charge of mapping the very close showcase to a wide field of view, while likewise giving a progressively agreeable removed purpose of core interest. One test with this is giving consistency of center: since eyes are allowed to turn inside the headset, it's imperative to abstain from refocusing to anticipate eye strain.

Many assembling organizations have utilized an assortment of focal points, however many have utilized the Fresnel lenses. The focal points don't utilize different bits of material in their focal points like different focal points, yet the focal point will be separated into segments, enabling the person to have a more extensive scope of view. The issue seen with the focal point comprises of seeing the edges of the focal points when the headset isn't appropriately adjusted on the head.
The focal points present contortion and chromatic abnormality, which are commonly amended in software. The focal points can likewise be balanced progressively to represent a client's eyeglass medicine so the client can utilize the headset without remedial eyeglasses.


Computer generated reality was utilized by Nintendo's Wii game comfort by having the player utilize a controller to interface with their preferred round, frequently being games recreations. Not long after the arrival of Nintendo's Wii, Microsoft's Xbox gotten a full body perusing framework called Kinect and Sony's PlayStation got a comparative augmented experience gadget named the PlayStation Move. These gaming gadgets utilize computer generated reality to control symbols inside a game, where the player's developments are replicated by the symbol to finish the game. This implies the player isn't genuinely occupied with the computer generated experience world.