New Samsung Galaxy S11

New Samsung Galaxy S11: everything we know so far

New Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung is required to send three new Galaxy S11 phones to MWC 2020. From batteries to cameras and even chipsets, here you have to think about all of them.

That arrangement of Samsung Galaxy S11 is related to Samsung's next main lineup, one that will probably be at MWC 2020 in Barcelona. In addition, for approximately half a month for shipment, gossip and pieces have begun to appear early.

The line is required to include three new phones and bring new highlights to the market, such as details that drive the industry and a plan that is an improvement in any case, if not a completely revived interpretation of the Galaxy S10.

Next year's most important shipment for Samsung is a big deal from the Galaxy S11 deal. In front of your shipment, we must examine the gossip and brakes that are currently in the reward that involves the device.

Here you have to think about the Galaxy S11 in front of the cell phone office.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Three new S11 phones

First, the reports suggest that the Galaxy S11 system can run upwards in three different sizes, each of which will include multiple RAM and capacity variations. While on paper it seems to have a methodology similar to what the organization did a year ago with the Galaxy S10, the execution, in any case, can be something unique.

So, instead of the S10, S10 Plus and S10E a year ago in 2020, we could have the S11, S11 Plus and S11 Pro in our hands. Speaking of the three phones, the Galaxy S11 can transport it with a 6.2-inch show, while the Galaxy S11 Plus can get a 6.7-inch plate.

The S11 Pro can only be very easy for those with huge hands, since the device is reputed to be taken with it, which makes it the largest presentation ever seen on the Galaxy S fix device with a massive 6.9 show inches has been

Another difference between the phones of the 2019 and 2020 arrangements will be that each of the three phones that arrive on the occasion will come with a revised showcase. For the unofficial, the formation of the previous year had two phones, with mounted boards, with the S10e as a level presentation.

120 Hz display cabinet without bezel

When analyzing the showcase of the new S11 Arrangement phone, Telephone proposes that the phone can carry a classy 120 Hz presentation to stay in the game against this challenge, which currently has a high revision rate. The board is presenting.

n any case, that is not all, similarly Samsung will reduce the size of the bezels on your phone and will essentially offer to make the screen size without expanding the size of the phone to some extent.

 Samsung Galaxy S11 Leader and Android 10 specifications

In the engine, new phones with Samsung Galaxy S1 fixes will push the best devices that can be purchased at this time. The report proposes for the Galaxy S11, Samsung will use the Snapdragon 865 chipset that is 20 percent faster in rendering designs than the Snapdragon 855 on the Galaxy S10 and 35 percent more power production than its predecessor.

The chipset also includes up to 30 percent of fast LPDDR5 cell phone memory and effective execution 30 percent faster). However, once again, this will be for the American variation of the gadget that will include Snapdragon chipsets. The worldwide variation of the phone, which also includes India, will donate Samsung's own Exynos chipset, which will not be able to offer the highest degree of intensity effectiveness despite performing a similar review on execution.

This will be combined with Android 10, along with a UI2 in relation to all phones as a key aspect of the Galaxy S11 layout.

Larger battery

While there are reports of skirmishes on this front, it is common for the Pro variant of the Galaxy S11 to have the most extreme 5000 mAh battery. Currently thinking that the number is practically 700 mAh higher than the Note 10 Plus, which was given a remarkable battery life, speculating that the S11 Pro should be a mammoth with respect to the continuity of the battery.

With respect to the other two phones reputed to have been approved by the S11 Pro, the Aadhaar S11 is being asked to obtain a battery pack around the 3500 mAh mark, while the S11 Plus obtains a package with the range more than 4000 can charge 4100 mAh. All three models will also support a super fast 45W load. This will help Samsung take on development risks from OnePlus and Oppo.

About the cameras

While the camera settings on all three phones are considered comparable, they will not be indistinguishable. In any case, of what we know

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