Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

Tech News: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

Tech News: IPhone 11 Pro max has been my main phone over the past six months it's been out just over six months and other than maybe testing the iPhone 11 review or the iPhone 11 Pro the other phones this has been my main phone and generally I'm carrying this with me anyway so over that time I maybe have not had it as my main device for a week total so it's been a really great device and so I wanted to go over its durability how it's handled scratches since I don't use a screen protector of course that could be resolved if I use the screen protector then I wanted to go over some software issues.

Reception battery life and camera and maybe even a little bit more so I'll link all of that information in the description below now the first thing is durability no I don't use a case generally once in a while I do it depends on the situation I'm in and things like that but in general I don't use a case I've never dropped this except for maybe on a couch or something like that and you can see there is a little bit of wear around the bottom edge just from setting it down regularly so setting it down picking it back up mostly off of a table or maybe a chair or things like that I don't put this on anything other than that and then maybe the charger in my car so other than those things there's really no reason this should be scuffing but that's pretty normal even on the aluminum iPhones this would get scuffed just a little bit.

Tech News: Design

Now as far as scratches a lot of people ask me how are the scratches around the stainless steel band and if you have the space gray version Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why. they're really good you don't really see too many of them if at all depending on the light maybe in the brightest of sunlight you could see it but there's no scratches or anything and of course if you're using a case you wouldn't see any anyway.

Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

I really don't see any but if you have the stainless steel version from the version that's silver swear this is just bright polished stainless steel you'll probably see more scratches especially on the bottom if you're using an apple case but in general it's holding up well the camera lenses don't have any scratches on them either which is really good so it means this material even though it's maybe sapphire may be partially sapphire it seems to be holding up really well and whatever this ring is is protecting it here too so all of this glass seems to be holding up very well for me and I've had no choose with it now as far as the display and scratch as well that's another story this display is one of the easiest scratching displays I've seen in recent history and in general it's got a lot of scratches on it it scratches much easier than my 10s Max and let me turn the lights up here so that you can see the scratches 
Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

hopefully so I'll turn the lights way up there we go my lights turned up let me turn on another light just get it a little bit more brightness in here and let me wipe off my display just a little bit from my fingerprints there are some scratches out across the display and this is only ever in my right pocket and also in my car on a charger or at home on a table so it's really not placed anywhere that it should have scratches but it does have scratches across it so I'm not sure if you can see any of those at all but there are definitely scratches all across the display and in the brightest of sunlight you can see them there's in particular there's a really big scratch right in here and again all of that could have been prevented if I used a screen protector now under those scratches.

Tech News: Display

Apple's super Retina XDR display and that's just a fancy name for an OLED display that's very color accurate and goes very bright and so you have very vibrant colors and very deep blacks because the pixels are off and in general it's a really great display but one thing I've mentioned before is that it does use PWM to manage brightness.

Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

so that's how OLED displays manage brightness or 99% of OLED displays and so as you turn the brightness up it's going to flicker at a faster rate to keep the screen brighter and when you're at a hundred percent it's not flickering at all or very little and as you bring that down that's flickering more and this bothers about one in 10 people it can cause headaches make you feel nauseated and this was a huge problem for me on the iPhone 10 and 10 s but with this phone it's not a problem because they've increased the PWM rate or the flicker rate so that it no longer bothers me so I'm not getting headaches from this or anything anymore so that's great and so now I can enjoy this beautiful display and the nice thing is this is an HDR display so if you're watching youtube videos an HDR this is my Apple watch review which I actually recorded or the series for Apple watch review I record in an HDR so you can see 1080p HD are and you won't be able to see these colors unless you go to the video yourself but it's very deep blacks with very vibrant colors and you can see that and of course you get to enjoy all that with the great speakers so the speakers are nice and loud and so these speakers are great they have a great stereo sound and along with that HDR  you can watch HDR on Apple TV if you've used or the TV app if you purchased an HDR movie you'll see it in HDR on this display so it's super bright vibrant and it's a great display and until something else comes out maybe micro LED that replaces it and maybe doesn't have that flicker this is the best iPhone display out there and thankfully it's not bothering my eyes it still will bother some people but it's an amazing display nonetheless and it's only rivaled by maybe the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra so at that point that kind of makes sense since samsung makes the display for Apple as well but in general this is super color accurate and one of the best displays out there for sure.

Tech News: Hardware and specs

Now a lot of people want to know how is the reception on this phone and reception in general now is fine but with iOS 13 having as many bugs as it has over that's over the period of time since September 2 now up to the latest beta thirteen point four point five the reception has been hit or miss right now it's quite good and the major issue.

I switched from Wi-Fi to cellular it wasn't working Apple has since fixed that I believe with thirteen point three point one and beyond I have had zero issues with that but there were a lot of people with that problem prior to it and so switching from Wi-Fi to cellular and then cellular speeds being consistent or not super slow everything seems to be fixed with thirteen point four and Beyond so hopefully it stays that way and that includes reception as well right now I have two bars and the bars are not necessarily.

The best way to measure reception because Apple can actually tweak the the readings for this so if two bars equals a certain decibel rating of signal strength they could change that so two bars mean something different in another update so because we can't see what they're actually using for these one bar 2 bar 3 bar 4 bar it's really hard to determine whether or not the reception is good based on that but just in using this for phone calls it's been good with the exception of Wi-Fi calling sometimes that seems to fail I don't know if it's through my carrier or rather through the phone but I've heard that complaint from a lot of people and I've experienced it as well now software issues in general again that's with iOS 13 being buggy things like crashing from 3d pressing your haptic pressing and going to things like Bluetooth or other other crashes and things definitely have happened a lot with iOS 13 most of that has been fixed now six months later it took quite a while but most of those bugs have been fixed but not everything but in general the software seems to be pretty solid now it's not terribly exciting but it does get the job done and the phone is doing what I need it to do now performance overall for me has been great over this past six months in general this phone just flies when it's some doing something as simple as just scrolling through settings other than having freezing from the updates themselves scrolling and things are super fast and smooth going into things like music is nice and fast or just scrolling opening the camera it's nice and quick and I really never experienced a slowdown that's in comparison to my Mac Pro that has 16 CPU cores this doesn't have that many and it's just as fast or faster in many things so I have no complaints about the speed and if they kept this processor for a couple of years and just bumped up the RAM I'd have no issues.

Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

Now as far as battery life well that's probably the best thing about this phone compared to the previous iPhones it has nearly 4,000 milliamp hours of battery and the battery life over time has been really good so if I go into battery and then we wait for it to load and my battery is at well it just dropped to 99 percent battery health so after over 6 months it's finally down and I do charge this every night and some people see this change over time and that's what happens with lithium-ion batteries so they go down or degrade over time and that's just something that happens over their life cycle and depending on how you use it how often you're cycling the battery charging it bringing it back down charging it again that will just change so you'll see here's the normal charge level yesterday or two days ago I had five hours and nine minutes of screen on time two hours and 18 minutes of screen off time and I used about 60 to 70% of my battery and so 10 to 12 hours on an iPhone 11 Pro max is not unlikely so using this all day long going home putting it on the charger at night is what I normally do on a wireless charger I'll charge it and it'll be at about 50% usually sometimes more sometimes less it just depends on how much I use it and it seems to get through the day no problem so battery life on this is phenomenal and once battery health drops to 80% then I would change the battery otherwise it's been great and so I've had no issues whatsoever it's been holding up really well and battery is much better than other iPhones and you can even bump this up with a case as well so if you have the Apple battery case you can almost get another about half to double the battery capacity when you're using that so if you need it on the go it's it's ready to go and it works really well

Tech News: Camera

Now finally the camera is phenomenal it's something.I really like and appreciate in this phone in fact I've used it for multiple videos outside whether it be the iPhone 11 Pro or the pro max as far as the cameras that's probably the best thing about this it's consistent when you use it for video so if I'm using it for video and recording.
Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

I can use it on the go you'll see it on many talk shows now because people don't have setups at home so you just hit video record and now you're recording with the rear camera and even if you're not using an external microphone like I'm not right now you don't hear it through my mic it sounds pretty good if I switch back there is definitely a difference with the microphone itself but in general it's a very usable camera especially an outdoor light or very bright light you probably can't tell the difference unless you're into video and things like that you probably can't tell the difference between this camera and maybe a cinema camera in fact I used this camera as a secondary camera when I was filming my macbook air unboxing so this is straight out of the iPhone 11 Pro max and nobody could tell the

Tech News: Never Mess With IPhone 11 Pro Max Review And Here's The Reasons Why.

difference between this and a much more expensive Panasonic gh4 the past year I've been using this camera along with other Tech News: iPhone cameras and the video footage is so good most people compliment this as compared to footage you see on every mirrorless camera out there that I've tested as well so this has an amazing camera and it's definitely something I can recommend for most people so that's it for the Tech News:iPhone 11 pro max it's been great over the past six months I'll continue to use it until the next iPhone comes out the iPhone 12 or whatever they're going to call it and if that comes out in September October November this year I'll pick one up and then start using that but until then I'll use this phone and this has been great I can rely on it it's dependable has great photos great video and speakers and everything else are great as well so I have no issues with that but I generally use it with headphones but let me know your thoughts about the 11pro max if you have one I'd love to hear from you what's your favorite thing what's your least favorite thing and also if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper.Tech News

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