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Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard

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JMD Tech Spot, we have often seen that what is the common thing in movies nowadays is Transparent Displays, today we are going to talk about in this blog Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard.

Like you all have seen in movies, screens are in front of the hero or villain and he works on them, whether it is in their glasses or helmet or any futuristic computer device like keyboard.

Futuristic Computer Keyboard

Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard

Everybody have you ever used a touchscreen keyboard on a tablet or something and thought man I wish I could take this keyboard off of this device and use on any other computer probably not because Transparent Glass Keyboard kind of stuff but that's exactly what I have in front of me here today.

This is a glass touchscreen keyboard from a company called bass Tron comes in at around $100 and  here you got an aluminum frame around the edges and on top now it's technically.

The gold color to me it looks a little bit more rose gold you'll of course the glass area here in these keys they aren't like laser etched like there's no texture you can't feel them.

Tech Keyboard

They are in the glass itself like you can see them without those LED lighting on at all up top we have a micro USB port for connectivity and around the back we have two rubber pads for of course stability as rubber feet and there is a natural angle in there it's not a very big angle for typing but there is an angle there stops it on build quality.
Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard

I mentioned it already has the aluminum frame and a glass inside those are high quality materials and those are probably why it cost almost $100 but it is if that feels nice and it looks really nice on a desk terms a layouts big problem here there's no right shift key now.

I use my right pinky when I use all the time I never use my left pinky that's weird I take that I guarantee you I'm not going to type fast with it.

Because of that but yeah they just decided not to have a right shift key moving on to the lighting on the Amazon page.

It says it's LED backlight and that's definitely not true because backlighting implies the LEDs are behind the keys and shining up through them not the case here the LEDs on this are actually coming out of the top and going down on the keyboard and as the light travels across the the keys in the glass.

There then it kind of illuminates them and you get the LED backlight effect but it's not actually lights like behind the keys because there are no keys still looks really great and everything.

Technical Details

Item Height13 Millimeters
Item Width16.1 Centimeters
Item Weight1.04 Kg
Product Dimensions34 x 16.1 x 1.3 cm
Item model numberB9
Wireless Type2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
Voltage3.70 Volts
Wattage0.30 Watts
Lithium Battery Energy Content1.92 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Voltage3.70 Volts
Lithium battery Weight22 Grams
Number of Lithium Ion Cells1
Number of Lithium Metal Cells1

It's just I wanted to clarify that moving on to the key switches obviously there are no P switches because it's just a touchscreen keyboard my guess is that they're using a depth sensor or something.

When you put your finger on a key it can sense how far your finger is away from the center and the scent what key you're trying to press that might have some limits with how fast you're typing that would be my best guess of course I didn't make this product and I don't disclose it on the Amazon page. 

But I assume that's what they're doing because they have all this technology in the top area so it just makes sense that there are sensors out there and of course  this be without a typing test but before the typing test.

Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard

There's one more feature I want to talk about this could be the coolest feature the keyboard so up in the top right hand corner there's a key that looks like a trackpad you go and press that key and boom the whole keyboard surface area turns into a trackpad.

So you can use it you have jest or control you can zoom and do all that stuff now it's not the best trackpad in the world because it is glass so there's a little bit of drag if you have like more fingers or anything.

But it's really cool that the whole keyboard just turns into a trackpad then you can use it as track that and switch between them really fast so essentially this is all you need on your desk connected to a display.

You click track that and move it around so the keyboard types but that would be true with two keyboard work by ropes all right let's do the typing test.

I'll go ahead and click it using the trackpad function and then just tap anywhere it clicks and then we'll go all right 38 words per minute as many of you know my average is around 100 1200 10 more minutes so obviously this keyboard isn't very great for typing.
Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard

I would say the main problems with it during that typing test are those feedback of where you're clicking and you can't tell which Kieran.

So I'd have to look up read the words after type look down try to type them if I made an error I wouldn't know until I looked back up at the type racer install that I made an error so that's where it was a problem and then also the shift key every time I need you to shift I'll have to look down and do it.


Because always using my right technique right thinking and I use my left pinky here so for typing it's not good okay conclusion time is this a worthy keyboard to buy obviously not you can't type fast on it the layout is weird its Transparent Wireless Bluetooth Glass Keyboard.

There's no feedback it's a weird keyboard but it's really cool it's high-tech you got the touchpad functionality that's unique something you don't see in any other keyboards really .

It's a fun piece of technology to play around with but it is not practical by any means thank you for coming in this post to see more content and as always stay classy you. 

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